Save Scottish Seas

Scotland’s seas are world-class; home to amazingly diverse sealife, but they are in decline. Out-of-sight and out-of-mind for years, our marine environment has suffered from a history of unsustainable use. Now MPAs can help our seas to recover.

2014 could prove to be a turning point in the history of Scotland’s seas. The Scottish Government has recently designated 30 new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). But for the sake of our environment and economy, Scotland needs these MPAs to be implemented in the right way. They cannot be meaningless paper parks; Scotland’s Marine Atlas shows all too clearly why the status quo is not an option. Our campaign is urging the Scottish Government to put in place a network that will actively recover the habitats and species that make our seas so special. It is a historic opportunity to turn around the declining health of our seas and to protect them for future generations.


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Scottish MPAs: “site” or “feature” protection?

Feature: Caryophylilia smithii is a component of the northern sea fan and sponge communities MPA search feature, but how does it connect to the rest of the MPA site?

Caryophylilia smithii – how does this feature relate to protection of MPAs?

In August, Glasgow hosted the International Marine Conservation Congress. This was a big deal. Over an intense week, the world’s most creative and motivated minds in marine science gathered together to discuss solutions to the urgent problems facing our shared ocean. It was also – in domestic terms – very timely. Here in Scotland, we have just put in place 30 new Marine Protected Areas; countries all across the globe are beginning to develop MPAs. The eyes of the world’s marine conservation and planning community were on Scotland’s contribution to the debate. So what did they think? The opinion-soup of social media is an imperfect tool for monitoring such things, but well… so are feedback forms, so here’s … [Continue Reading]